Live Long and Tickle! .mpg format

Fleshisonfilms introduces another newcomer named Anthony Krakatoa in his first feature film entitled "Live Long and Tickle!" Anthony comes back to his motel room after a long day when Phillip, trained in the Vulcan ways, subdues his victim. After tying Anthony to his own bed, Phillip boldly goes where no man has gone before and begins to annihilate Anthony’s upper torso with tickling as Anthony struggles to break from the bonds. Phillip then knocks out his helpless victim again and begins to worship him by kissing and nibbling all the way down his lifeless body. Phillip stops at Anthony’s socked feet and begins to smell and worship them. Finally the black ankle socks are removed and Phillip fondles and worships Anthony’s hot bare feet while this hottie is unaware of what’s happening. Get prepared for Phillip’s body exploration through deep space.

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