From Bored To Tickling

The super cute and sexy James Grayson is a new addition to the FleshIsOnFilms family. In the film "From Bored To Tickling," James comes back to his room after his big loss at the casino. He chats with his girlfriend on the cell phone and then rolls over and drifts off to sleep. His friend Phillip, who is bored to tears, waiting patiently for James to return so they could go back to the casino, takes a gamble and begins to remove James’ shoes attempting not to wake him up. Once James’ shoes are carefully removed, Phillip begins to worship and smell James’s socked feet. Once satisfied with that, Phillip goes a step further and stealthily takes off James’ black socks, and starts to suck, kiss, and nibble on James’ bare feet and toes. Knowing that James will not wake up no matter what he does, Phillip ties James’ ankles with duct tape and tickles his feet until James awakes and laughs hysterically. Phillip doesn’t stop tickling no matter how many times James begs or threatens him. Phillip even tickles James’ armpits, sides, stomach, and legs. Quite possibly the most enjoyable tickling experience you will ever feast your eyes on.

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