Every Foot Faggot’s Dream Come True

So the time has finally come and I actually have established a line of connection between U/us. All you have to do to get the number is buy the clip. And how cheap is 60 dollars!!! As always thank Me you stupid fuck! THANK ME FOR DOING MY PART TO RUIN you. you are dog shit….less than dog shit. and because of that…I want you to buy this clip. you need to buy it. I give you plenty of mental abuse. I laugh at you. I smoke your money up. you need this right? abuse? lol…you need to feel like a weak bitch right? lol…your sick dude. your fucking gross and I am going to use your weakness, not only to add to My wealth, but to slowly chip away at what’s left of your manhood until you are no more than a sniveling slug waiting for me to show you mercy and smash your stupid ass. BUY THIS FUCKING CLIP NOW FAGGOT! THEN IMMEDIATELY EMAIL ME THANKING ME FOR MAKING IT SOO CHEAP!

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